Needed a Little Pick-Me-Up Today…

…a water chicken with a kazoo for a mouth? Hmmm

Good Saturday morning! Tim Challies linked to this blog today, and since it turned my heart up (Col. 3:1-4) i thought you might like to read it too. In a year like 2020, you sometimes just can’t help turning into an Eeyore. I do — regularly with the news cycles. But THIS!! Written by Kevin Morse, a pastor somewhere near Nashville – this is so good. ENJOY.
“Why did God make so much color, so many beautiful patterns? So much of the creation account seems like life for the sake of God’s joy overflowing in creativity. I heard someone this week actually say, a duck is like God saying, “I’m going to make a water chicken with a kazoo for a mouth.” That doesn’t seem too far from the mark when you think about it. The beauty and creativity of this world came straight from the heart of God.”

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